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Life Solutions for


A Charitable Life Financial pairs Educators with the best products available based on understanding their specific needs.


Life Solutions for


We work with unions and groups to focus on providing the best options available.


Life Solutions for


Providing Healthcare professionals peace of mind for their future so they can continue caring so much about their patient’s future.


Life Solutions for


Providing peace of mind for Individuals and their families.


Life Solutions for


We work with business owners to provide the best solutions for their employees


Life Solutions for


Assisting people with their contribution to charity with insurance solutions.

First Responders.

ACLF gets to know our First Responders and your unique needs, that’s why we work with unions and affiliations to gain the best perspective possible.


Education is very important for future welfare of our children. We make sure that Teachers are aligned with the best solutions possible.

Our Charitable Organization.

A Charitable Life Financial is proud to make ongoing donation to our charity, A Charitable Life, to provide services to those in the communities we support to those in need.

why choose us

  • Team of Experts to assist you with your goals
  • Endorsed by The Methodist Healthcare System
  • Make a difference via charitable contribution with every life solution we provide
  • Best Life Solutions available
  • Endorsed by Public School Systems
  • Focus in Education, Government, and Healthcare
  • Solutions for Small Business
  • Endorsed by Unions and Associations
How We Operate
Our Agents

e are more than your average full service insurance and equities brokerage. We are a Charitable Life charity as well. The benefit of this formation is that we are able to donate a substantial percentage from insurance and equities sales to cover the operating expenses of the charity. This allows A Charitable Life to utilize 100% of donations strictly for their intended purpose, to BE THE GOOD!


ith our years of knowledge and business partnerships we have developed a highly educated team of financial planning experts which includes insurance agents, financial planners, and estate planning attorneys that work with a charitable life around the country to provide all levels of financial planning. Our experts educate the members of our partners in all levels financial planning from college funds to wills and trusts. Our experts are highly trained to first help members understand the benefits that they currently have. Second, provide the proper financial plan to help members meet their financial goals and lastly, provide the proper tools to ensure that if something unexpected were to happen their families would be taken care of to the fullest extent with our wills and trusts. We make sure our partners’ members are prepared for every stage of their financial lives. The agents of a charitable life are recognized for their expertise in financial planning for all individuals including state employees, federal employees, and teachers. They always take a no pressure and educational approach to providing financial planning for our partners’ members. Our agents take pride in their profession and are always ready to assist our partners with their community activities, as well.


ur agents serve as the face and voice of the charity. They provide the best available products with the best service and are compensated similar to any other insurance and financial agents with one very important exception, a percentage of the proceeds they generate go to ACL. Our agents are able to grow their practice through the knowledge that every sale helps better lives through ACL. Our agents are proud to give a percentage of their commission to help those in need.


he proceeds from our financial planning and education programs help us reach our main goals of assisting individuals and families that are battling organ failure, promoting individual stories of battles with organ failure, and promoting organ donation education. We currently assist Methodist Healthcare and Texas Transplant Institute’s patients with financial assistance as needed while they battle organ failure. “Our Fighter” program promotes stories of organ failure patients that are in need of an organ transplant and have exhausted their resources to find a donor. Lastly, we are joining forces with the Donate Life America to educate and register Americans to be organ donors.

clients testimonials

I was able to discuss options with my agent to determine the best life solution for me and my family. Their focus on groups in Education made it clear to me I was working with experts.

- Mary, Houston ISD

our Partners

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